The quality and tradition of Brick veneer add an element of design beauty and integrity to any setting. Since the weight of full brick requires a foundation for support, adding full face brick to a home can be limiting.

What to do when you want the look of brick without doing a complete reconstruction? Answer – use thin brick.  Kiln fired thin brick is a great alternative for adding brick without all the weight. With thin brick, you can have real brick anywhere in your home.

Thin Brick provides the same look and feel of full brick at only a fraction of the size (5/8″ thickness). Because it is so much lighter, with the right prep work, thin brick can be installed over existing structures using tile set methods. You can create a brick accent wall with just a few days of work – even over a weekend.

This easy to follow guide from Royal Thin Brick® is full of valuable tips for installing a thin brick wall or floor.  Whether you’re creating an accent wall indoors or a paved patio outdoors, this guide will help you get started. Now you can add the look of a kiln-fired thin brick installation anywhere around your home.

Click here for the thin brick installation guide. Remember, always check with local building codes to make sure all materials meet codes and requirements. Consult the installation materials manufacturer and the Tile Council of North America’s Tile Handbook for details on installations.