Rich Details in Every Thin Brick

Today’s commercial and residential clients demand character and style in the materials that go into their projects, and Royal Thin Brick delivers the aesthetic they are asking for. It begins with the generous surface area of Royal Thin Bricks’ Queen Size Thin Bricks. Taller than modular bricks at 7 5/8’’ x 2 3/4’’ with a thickness of 5/8’’, the size is better scaled for today’s projects and allows more brick face, with its subtle shading and texture, to show.

Royal Thin brick also delivers the nuanced, time-worn appearance that clients want. To achieve this look, Royal Thin Brick uses a traditional wire-cutting technique for texture on the brick face combined with a tumbling process that distresses the brick and softens the sharp edges and corners. The process creates texture, variation, and a reclaimed appearance.

Thin brick texture and size

See and feel the difference

Nothing compares to the look and texture of our wire-cut, tumbled thin bricks.