The Enduring Beauty of Real Thin Brick

– An Elevated Modern Aesthetic with Superior Weather Performance
– A Green Product Eligible for LEED V4 Credits

Royal Thin Brick®

Authentic Kiln-Fired Unglazed Thin Brick

Whether it is Georgian, contemporary or any style in between, elevate your residential or commercial project with modern thin brick. Royal Thin Brick is unique – crafted and kiln-fired like traditional brick, but installs like tile and has a narrower profile and little waste. With a unique, weathered appearance and larger modern size, Royal Thin Brick gives an upscale, contemporary feel to both exteriors and interiors. Available in a wide range of shades from light gray and beige to rich reds, dark brown and black, Royal Thin Brick gives architects and designers a rich, creative color palette. Royal Thin Brick exteriors add a modern twist to a classic façade to help you create and preserve iconic buildings and residences and deliver the looks your clients are asking for. For indoor applications such as floors, backsplashes, and accent walls, Royal Thin Brick® adds a rustic, on-trend design feature.

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Brick has spoken of permanence and enduring beauty since humans first learned to fire clay. From ancient settlements in Turkey to the temples of Burma and modern marvels like the Chrysler Building, brick is a timeless choice.

A Thin Brick Made with Time-Tested Craftsmanship

Authentic Kiln-Fired Unglazed Thin Brick

Authenticity – using materials that are real – is important to you and your clients. Royal Thin Brick is a flat brick product that is manufactured using the same time-tested method as full bricks: they are extruded, cut and kiln-fired at 2000° Fahrenheit. The result is a thin brick that looks and performs like a full brick and is able to withstand harsh weather and act as a proven moisture barrier. Some thin bricks are not clay masonry bricks at all, but cast, pressed or molded concrete. Some clay masonry thin bricks are cut from the face of full bricks, which is a wasteful process. Other brands also do not offer the durability and low moisture absorption of Royal Thin Brick. Durable Royal Thin Brick can withstand freeze-thaw conditions in any climate.

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Specify Authentic Thin Brick on Your Next Project

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Royal Thin Brick Applications

Nothing speaks like brick.
Whether it’s new construction or a redesign, brick evokes permanence while making a contemporary design statement.

Modern Brick Facades

Install character.
From rustic to industrial and every style in between, brick can transform a blank wall into a focal point with texture and depth.

Interior Brick Accent Walls

Beautiful brick underfoot.
Indoors or out, brick lends warmth, texture, color, and eye-catching pattern to floors, walkways, and more.

Brick Tile & Pavers

Easy Installation, Real Brick That Installs Like Tile

Save on installation costs and benefit from a faster construction schedule

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Royal Thin Brick Benefits

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A Queen Size Brick

A taller brick than standard size for a more modern, dynamic presentation.

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Extruded and hard fired: durable for use outdoors and in harsh climates.

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Tumbled After Firing

The bricks are drum-tumbled for a unique, weathered appearance.

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Low Moisture Absorption

Resists soiling; suitable for exterior applications such as outdoor patios.

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Goes Where Full Brick Can’t

Installs like ceramic tile on surfaces suitable for tile, such as backsplashes and floors.

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Easy Installation

Installs like tile. A faster, easier installation that doesn’t require a mason.

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No Footer Required

Thin brick can be installed over existing walls without an additional foundation.

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A Green Product

We use the industry’s most efficient manufacturing processes for good environmental stewardship.

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Up-To-Date LEED Certification

Royal Thin Brick is third-party certified and meets specific requirements of LEED 4.1

Our Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

Royal Thin Brick strives to not only be a leader in the architectural industry with innovative applications and unparalleled style, but also to produce green products and remain mindful of their environmental impact.

  • All of our products and manufacturing processes are designed to use the lowest resources and energy of any thin brick manufacturer. We use the most energy-efficient production equipment in the industry.

  • We manufacture our thin brick–thin. Many brick companies cut the face off a full brick to make a thin brick – discarding the balance of the brick. This is the least efficient process from both an energy and materials viewpoint.

  • Our products are engineered for durability, longevity and sustainability, extending their life cycle.

  • Our products are listed in the mindful Materials database

  • Over 90% of the raw materials we use are mined within 50 miles of our facility.

  • Over 3,000 tons of waste clay is recycled back into production annually.

  • The heat from our kilns is also used as a heat source for our dryers.

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Our Commitment to Our Community

We are committed to supporting our local community of which we’ve been a part for over 150 years. Royal Thin Brick® is a product line of Ironrock, a fifth-generation family business that has been making the highest quality brick, tile and ceramic products in Northeast Ohio since 1866.

The Classic Timeless Look of Brick

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