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Thin Veneer Brick Office Accent Wall

Real Kiln-Fired Thin Brick

Thin Veneer Brick

Royal Thin Brick ® is a true extruded kiln-fired thin brick – not concrete or some other material made to look like brick, so it will look good and outperform the competition.

Royal is made only from the finest natural raw materials – local clays and shales from Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania, a region renowned for its rich brick making tradition.

Royal is hard fired – so it's very durable.  It is naturally stain resisting and has a very high breaking strength that will stand up to the toughest environments.

Royal is vitreous – so it has low absorption and can be used indoors or out in any climate. Royal will go where many other thin brick just can’t.  From wet and damp to snow and ice or even scorching heat, Royal can take it.

Royal has a ribbed back – so it can bond tightly to the setting materials to ensure both a fast and sound installation.

Royal is versatile – so it can go almost anywhere. Use Royal Thin Brick ® on walls and floors to transform your home or business and give you years of beauty and performance.

Thin Veneer Brick

Did You Know?

Each Royal Thin Brick is unique – no two are the same because of the firing process, wire-cut surface, and the drum tumbling. Some of the Royal colors are flashed to show even more variation. The flashing process is an old world firing technique that starves the kiln of oxygen and creates striking shifts in color and hue from brick to brick.