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Veneer Brick Colors

Thin Brick Color Options

Brick has been a cornerstone of architecture and design for thousands of years.  There is a warmth and aesthetic with brick that is hard to beat. The Royal Thin Brick color palette consists of single tones and blends that capture the character of walls built in a bygone era – from rich reds and earthy browns to soft beiges, greys and charcoal. All colors are kiln fired and rugged enough to stand up to the harshest environments.

Available Colors

The Royal Brick color palette includes a variety of rich natural earth tones in both single tones and blends.

Veneer Brick - 310 Cambridge
310 Cambridge
Veneer Brick - 220 Park
220 Park
Veneer Brick - 101 Newbury
101 Newbury
Veneer Brick - 105 Beacon
105 Beacon
Veneer Brick - 107 Tremont
107 Tremont
Veneer Brick - 505 Congress
505 Congress
Veneer Brick - 710 Hanover
710 Hanover*
Veneer Brick - 350 Arlington
350 Arlington**
Veneer Brick - 250 Charles
250 Charles**
Veneer Brick - 458 Hawthorn
458 Hawthorn**

* Premium Color

** Range Color (shade variation)

Available Blends

Royal Thin Brick offers five standard blends*, each with its own appealing nuance. All are representative of the classic character of the blended brick.

Veneer Brick - Berkeley Blend
Berkeley Blend
Veneer Brick - Federal Blend
Federal Blend
Veneer Brick - Concord Blend
Concord Blend
Veneer Brick - Lexington Blend
Lexington Blend
Veneer Brick - Hampshire Blend
Hampshire Blend

*Custom Blends (up to four colors) available. Contact Customer Service for availability 1.888.325.3945.